Kwan Lee announces Kwan Lee TV 50% Off Summer Sale;

Official Press Release

Hello all,
This is Kwan Lee. As you know, I own the company Kwan Lee TV. Kwan Lee TV is known for its superior service in the NYC area for event coverage and music videos. I have shot videos for Maybach Music, 2011 UMA winners Elus and H-Squared, along with many other independent artists in the NYC area. As far as event coverage, I have covered every major Hip-Hop showcase in NYC, as well as most of the prominent events in the NYC area.

Every summer I do a sale giving artists an opportunity to get their video shot for an affordable price with the same high quality they see from their peers that pay anywhere from $1000-$2000 for a video, because I know what it is like to budget as an artist, and thinking what should I do next not wanting to spend money I may need later. So I figured, why not make it affordable so you can have the look you want to match the look you need without spending a lot of money to later cut corners elsewhere to compensate for that big investment. This summer, you can get your music video shot for 50% less than what I usually charge for this service.

Most people ask me where they can see a sample of my work. You can click here to see some of the music videos I shot, edited, and directed.

To find out how you can get your music video shot for 50% off, feel free to call or text (347)249-6239 to talk to me. In addition to getting your videos shot for the affordable price, you will be receiving free promotion online from me personally! With an affordable price and free promotion, you cannot go wrong on this sweet deal from Kwan Lee!

Kwan Lee TV Announces 2012 Summer Sale: 50% Off All Music Videos Until Labor Day!


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