BBM Money Coming To Indonesia

RIM’s BBM service is more than just an instant messaging service. With BBM-connected apps, BBM Voice, BBM Music, BBM Groups, it has become more of a comprehensive social platform for interacting with others in many ways. Today, RIM has announced a new peer-to-peermoney transferring service called BBM Money that will be launched in Indonesia. The service should allow you to send money to someone via BBM with a BlackBerry smartphone.

The decision to launch the service first in Indonesia is clearly based on the BlackBerry’s large shareof the Indonesian smartphone market. The success and usefulness of BBM Money is linked to the pervasiveness of the BlackBerry platform, thus Indonesia would be the ideal place to launch the service. This new service will compete with existing money transferring services such as Western Union, PayPal, Interac, while being firmly focused in mobile money transferring.

With RIM new BlackBerry 10 platform set to be released in the next couple months, BBM Moneymay become a feature of the BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well. Do you think BBM Money will be a success in Indonesia and perhaps eventually on the international stage?

BlackBerry Releasing A Service Similar To PayPal For Its Smartphones


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