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Today many users are reporting that the digital edition / version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is now available to download on PSN for $59.99 is weighs in around 18GB (17.2GB) in size.

Download: UP1004-NPUB31154_00-GRANDTHEFTAUTO05 (Game ID / PSN Store Link) / Direct Download Link (IP-based) / GTA5_PSN.pkg (Mirror) / GTAV RIF Files.rar / TRP (Trophies Extracted) / (ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, PARAM.SFO + SND0.AT3) / GTA V EBOOT / GTA V (USA) (Mirrors) / GrandTheftAutoVEUR.pkg (EUR) 

SHA-1 Content: 70bbab52262a033d22c07415752f6628ac248417

Package Klicensee: A97E2BF3B70B2D13B67E0F755587784D

Unfortunately users who do pre-order the title will have to wait until the official release date of September 17th to play it, unless a PS3 scene release group finds a way to hack or unlock the video game of course. Current reports indicate, as expected, the GTAV eboot.bin and edat.bin are heavily encrypted though.

Kwan Lee TV NOTE: Basically what this means is that if you don't have your PS3 hacked, you can't play it as of right now. People are already playing it with hacked PS3's, but knowing Sony, they will be banning usernames like they have done in the past. If you can't wait for the game on the 17th and are as anxious as I am, go to your local mom and pop video game store to see if they have it a little before the 17th....

Grand Theft Auto V Leaks For PS3? Yes. It Is True. Sony Did It.


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