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There's nothing like a set of fresh kicks to add the finishing touch to your get-up, but then there's the problem of tracking down the perfect pair. We know that's exactly why you haven't been cracking out your PS4-themed outfits recently, but luckily there's now a shoe for that™. Custom kick designer Jonny Barry from FreakerSNEAKS has seen this gaping hole in the market, and intends to fill it with the "JRDN X PS4," a remix of the Air Jordan 4 that takes inspiration from Sony's latest console. They're actually one of his less-extensive mods, with the PS4/PlayStation logos replacing the normal dunking graphics on the back of the sneakers, and an image of the mischievous robots from Playroom on the tongue. What's more, there's a (completely non-functional) HDMI port built into the sole, and a Jordan-branded cable for plugging them into, well, each other. As Barry tells DualShockers, he intends to produce a limited run of ten pairs, and sell them at around $950 each. Finally there's something that justworks with that PS4 jumpsuit you've been dying to bust out, and what a bargain at more than double the price of the actual console!

Playstation 4 Retro Air Jordan IV Sneakers: $950.00


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